• I just wanted to inform you that my father Moosa Ebrahim is doing well, he is walking as well. Cheamotherapy treatment has started already and he is reacting well to the treatment. I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done for my dad, myself and my family are really grateful for all that was done and appreciate your hospitality.

    I hope that when my dad returns to India in May, by the grace of god and the blessings of khwaja saab my dad will be cured, and I have faith in it because you all are the best.

    - Nasser Ebrahim, South Africa
  • We are much thankful to Team Apollo for their helping & kind nature which is very much helpful for patient during their treatment. The definition of "Get Well Soon" & also the Apollo's punch line "Touching Lives" both are proven here.

    We encourage you to keep the good & hard work to receive the same kind of support to helping the patient care and for their wealthy future.

    - Vishal Mehta, Ahmedabad

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" The treatment I receive at CBCC is always kind, their technology is great and what they bring to the community is huge. CBCC has done things for me th...

- Amy Blaine