CBCC together with it’s partners plans to touch the lives of cancer victims. A Cancer Awareness Society / Foundation is envisioned. Establishing & Networking with many satellite units and medical institutions will enhance not only Cancer care but the technology in the country. CBCC plans of harnessing Telemedicine to provide Tele-Oncology solutions to people in need. CBCC is all set of bring many patients from abroad to India for Cancer care. CBCC will not limit itself to awareness, prevention screening, management and interventions but will explore newer horizons in Cancer drug research and also Recombinant DNA technology. As part of this, CBCC will be establishing and developing clinical trial programs/protocols with Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology companies of world repute. Furthermore, CBCC envisions in developing extensive databases of cancer sites and treatment effects which require data manipulation software and systems which would facilitate as milestones in new drug discovery. CBCC plans to incorporate Yoga, Meditation and other Indian Systems of Medicine to provide with a holistic care to the health services.

Radiotherapy is one of the most effective modalities for the majority of cancers. It is estimated that radiotherapy is directly responsible for at least 40% of all cancer patients surviving beyond five years. Technical, academic and clinical advances in radiotherapy have improved patient management and outcomes very significantly. The development of more sophisticated approaches to radiotherapy treatment have been made possible by improvements in radiological imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance (MR), computer tomography (CT), computerized 3- dimensional, ''inverse'' treatment planning, patient positioning , and more sophisticated linear  accelerator technology.

Conformal radiotherapy offers the greatest advantage at sites where existing local control is poor or modest. It enables more aggressive dosing of the tumor while avoiding the concomitant harmful effects on other local tissue. The introduction of newer technologies (Tomotherapy/ IGRT/ IMRT) has further improved outcomes by increasing organ sparing, providing better local control of disease, enhancing quality of lifer and reducing treatment associated morbidity. A fundamental tenet of radiation therapy is that successful outcomes require accurate alignment of the treatment beam to the largest tissue. Our centers with focus on IT driven technology makes it possible.

Our centers will be equipped with cutting edge technology backed by humans with world class expertise to provide patients with services beyond excellence not limiting to the fields of Radiation, Medical & Surgical Oncology but the entire paraphernalia of services associated.Along with the expertise of our human resources, we are providing a suite of tools that work together to achieve better target localization during the clinical radiation therapy process. Dynamic Targeting focuses on localizing tumors based on Internal anatomy, not just on the conventional external marks or tattoos. The steps of typical clinical radiation therapy process include:  Imaging for staging, immobilization, imaging for planning, treatment planning, post – planning verification, treatment delivery, imaging for treatment, image and information management and quality assurance.


Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center is committed to providing Cancer Care at its best to the people with the best of human expertise, best of technology, best of the IT support with a blend of the best practices of the west and the east.